April Is Oral Cancer Awareness Month

April Is Oral Cancer Awareness Month

What do you know about oral cancer? Are you at risk? Learn more about the risks, symptoms and prevention steps you can take to avoid oral cancer below.

What can increase the risk of having oral cancer?

· Tobacco and alcohol use, especially if used together.

· Age, your risk increases over the age of 40.

· Diet, poor diets low in fruit and vegetables increase the risk.

· HPV, a sexually transmitted infection known as Human Papillomavirus.

There is good news though, you can control most of these risk factors by not using tobacco products and eating a healthy diet!


What are the common symptoms of oral cancer?

· A lump, irritated area or sore in your mouth.

· Difficulty chewing or swallowing.

· A red or white patch, mostly on the tongue or the floor of the mouth.

· A feeling of numbness in the mouth or on tongue.

· Having a hard time moving tongue or jaw.

· Sensation of something caught in throat.

· A firm lump found around jaw or neck area.

· Change in speech and ability to speak.


Regular visits with your dentist are the first step in prevention. Dentists can spot any early indicators of trouble. However, if you experience any of the symptoms listed above for two weeks, see your dentist right away.

If you have these symptoms or feel like you need an exam, please feel free to call us at (701).237.4297.

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