It’s National High Blood Pressure Education Month!

It’s National High Blood Pressure Education Month!

Did you know that we take blood pressure readings at some of our dental appointments?

We do this for a variety of reasons. First, we take it to establish a baseline for your health. This allows dentists to be aware of any risks associated with treatment. Dental anxiety is a very common condition. Fear and anxiety can raise your blood pressure, so we can encourage you to make sure that your blood pressure is normal and healthy.

We take blood pressure appointments that requires anesthetic, or a numbing agent. Undiagnosed hypertension affects about 30% of the American population and causes about 60,000 deaths per year. Some of the life-threatening conditions it can cause include heart attack, stroke and kidney failure.

Most people only have their blood pressure taken at their yearly physical, and many don’t routinely see their physicians. As dentists, we are able to see patients on a more frequent basis, which allows us to note potential warning signs. Exceedingly high blood pressure measurements are so serious, that we may delay treatment until the blood pressure has lowered or we may recommend you to visit your physician to have further evaluation.

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