Gratitude & Giving Back

Gratitude & Giving Back

November is the perfect time to think about all the things we are grateful for, especially after how challenging this year has been. Our team is thankful for the support we get to spend time giving back to our community. The best way for us to show our gratitude is by helping make the world a better place.

Saving Smiles Dentistry became a Marquee Sponsor for the Historic Fargo Theatre this fall. By making a donation, we were able to have our name on the Fargo Theatre Marquee. Our team wanted to help support the survival of this 94-year-old non-profit because we appreciate how they have been able to connect people in our community through film, history and performing arts.

Our assistants recently volunteered with Toothbrush Ministries’ Brush ‘N Learn event. This organization focuses on helping others have basic self-care items. Our team members were able to go into Head-Start programs (fully masked) to help educate youth on oral health. It was important for our team because we know that if these children are educated on dental hygiene when they are young, these habits will follow them into adulthood.

One of our hygienists recently joined the Heart and Soul Community Café in preparing 500 sack lunches to members of our community with food insecurities. Heart and Soul Community Café is a non-profit that serves locally-grown fresh food. This is important to our team because we know how important diet is for oral health.

We also partnered with the United Way in their Live United, Give United campaign last week. We were a match sponsor for their online and drive-thru event. United Way focuses on reducing hunger and homelessness, preparing children to succeed, helping people be independent and lifting people out of poverty.

With Thanksgiving on the horizon and knowing that it will look different from previous years’ holidays, we have continued to remind ourselves just how thankful we are for so many things; especially being a part of our community.


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