If you are expecting, don’t forget about your teeth. Many women have no dental changes through their pregnancy, however increased hormone levels and blood flow can affect your teeth and gums. Keep up with your regular oral hygiene habits to minimize problems from occurring:

  1. Brush 2x a Day
  2. Floss daily
  3. Visit the Dentist

Here are some of the common causes of dental health problems during pregnancy:



First things first. Brush your teeth twice a day, every day. Second, if you’re considering an electronic toothbrush with oscillating or sonic technology (like an Oral-B Pro 5000 or  a Phillips Sonicare), consider the pros and cons of investing in an electronic toothbrush.


• Better at removing plaque and preventing gum disease
• Easier to use (especially for arthritis)
• Built-in timers
• Fun for kids
• Comes with travel chargers/cases

• Costs more
• Needs to be charged
• You have to buy replacement heads
• Breakable

Dr. Johnson, our very own “Floss Boss” is in Fargo Inc. this month! He was chosen as one of the monthly Faces of Fargo. Dr. Johnson had the opportunity to chat about his career, taking over practices to help other dentists make their way to retirement, and of course about his love for Star Wars.

Check out the article here.

We are so excited about our new location! The move will allow us to better serve our patients and team. Our office is now more centrally located off of 32nd Ave South in Fargo between University and 25th St.

We were able to expand our space, adding two more hygiene rooms and have a dedicated break room for our team. We even found time to freshen up the space with some fun updates.

New Hours
Our hours have changed for the better! We are now open from 7:30am to 5:00pm, Monday through Wednesday, and 7:00am to 5:00pm, on Thursday. This means we have availability before the work day, over the lunch hour and at the end of the day.

We also were fortunate to gain four new team members. Three are from Fargo Family Dentistry. The other is new to the dental world. Sarah and Brittany are Registered Dental Hygienists and were with Fargo Family Dentistry for 12 years, and two years before joining our team. Gretchen is a Dental Assistant and was with Fargo Family Dentistry for 19 years before coming on board with us. Autumn is our new Patient Care Assistant, so you’ll see her bright smile at the front desk. We ALL look forward to see you!

We have big news! We will be moving to a new location to better serve our patients. Our team will officially start seeing patients on Monday, January 8, 2018 at our new location — 3210 18th St. S, Suite B, Fargo, ND, 58104. Our phone number, 701.237.4297 will stay the same.

We were presented with a great opportunity that not only helps a fellow dentist begin his journey to retirement, but also allows us to expand our space.

Our office will be closed December 25-26 to celebrate Christmas, open December 27-28, and closed again January 1-4 for New Years and moving!

Thank you for your trust and loyalty. Your dental health is important to us. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. We want to make this new adventure a seamless one for you and our team.

Have you ever camped outside to make sure you got tickets to a movie premiere? Dr. JJ Johnson did in high school! He’s been a huge Star Wars fan since he was little. So needless to say, the force has been with him for a long time. Star Wars was the first movie he ever saw and his memorabilia collection is off the charts. His office is adorned with Darth, Yoda, Han Solo and many other characters. 
Dr. Johnson has always shared his love for Star Wars with others. He’s given away some of the most sought after gadgets, and reserves an entire theater for premiere night inviting friends, family, patients, colleagues, those involved in the Big Brother Big Sister and other ticket winners. Some attendees have even dressed as Star Wars characters. People who don’t even know him ask if he is the dentist that rents out the theatre for Star Wars. It’s safe to say his reputation proceeds him and we believe someday he will be the most powerful Jedi ever! December 14th can’t come soon enough. 

We’ve heard people of all ages say they don’t like going to the dentist, or they’re scared. We get it and take every opportunity to make patients comfortable. In addition to our awesome team, who genuinely cares for our patients, here are other ways that Saving Smiles Dentistry helps ease the anxiety.
Nitrous Oxide
This safe relaxing agent is breathed in through a mask that takes you to your happy place. Nerves are calmed. Teeth are taken care of, and you’re on your way.
Noise-canceling head phones with music
Music can also be the best medicine. When it’s all you can hear, your mind can wander and focus on the fun stuff.
Blankets & pillows
We want you to feel relaxed, so we offer blankets and pillows to help you stay cozy and soothed.
Relaxing environment
Our space and our people are welcoming and positive. Maybe so much, you won’t want to leave!
Our team takes the time to explain procedures to patients. The unknown can be scary, so we do our best to provide the information you need to feel comfortable.
Start small
We start with a small procedure to make sure you are comfortable before moving to larger procedures.

Your mouth is a super important part of your body. You talk from it. You eat with it. It is home to your teeth. So, let’s do our best to make sure you keep your chompers in check! We create custom mouth guards right here at our office. They offer an improved fit, you can talk with them in, they provide solid protection for your teeth and also protect better against concussions.

Sports can be hard hitting and accidents can happen. For $37, inexpensive compared to the damage that could take place in a cheaper option, your family can be protected by the best. Plus, being they are custom-made, you can even show your school spirit when you select your colors!

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